Samba is our Senior trail horse at 20 years old. She has mellowed from her former exuberant, diva show horse days and is a gentle, steady and  reliable caretaker on the trail.
She is however, still a diva

EL Chimu Rey

HA Puritano
AV Oro Puro   X  Lancetera
AV Sold De Paijan   X   Ximena

  • Laureado Award Breeding Stallion
  • Multi-Champion
  • Harry Bennet Award winer
  • Best Colt Award winner

Our second most senior mare at 18 years young. 
With her stunning golden Palomino coloring and energetic gait, Bambolea commands attention  wherever  she goes. She is used as a lead horse and Mitchells personal ride.

This beautiful buckskin gelding is an extremely smooth gentleman with lots of personality.

His legacy lives on through his offspring....

RJS Samba
RJS Flameco x RJS Cuculi


Dedicar A Dios x Narra

HA Puritano

Laureado Breeding Stallion

Calypso is the son of our legendary Stallion and our first Peruvian mare. His hard working but playful disposition make him lots of fun to ride. He is also on the larger side, very beautiful and regal. Calypso is the prankster of the herd and loves to pick gait locks and untie himself and others whenever he gets the chance.


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Our outstanding Puritano daughter! Belicia holds true to the translation of her name "Beautiful Little Girl." Strong and stout with a luxurious gait. She is sweetness with a twist of a sass and a confident  personality. She adores people and attention!

 HBP Calypso
(HA Puritano x DRB Extasis)

Puritano was a true ambassador of the Peruvian horse breed. His sweet nature and regal way of carrying himself always drew people to him wherever he went. After his retirement in the show ring, we enjoyed taking him camping and trail riding everywhere we went. Most people never noticed he was a stallion because of his impeccable, and always gentlemanly behavior.

His temperament, strength, gait, and beauty is living through his offspring that we are proud to have represent our farm .

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HBP Belicia

(HA Puritano x  Especial)